Happy Friday: Ballroom Blitz


The first trailer for Suicide Squad featured Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” while the latest trailer for the movie features The Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz.” Both excellent songs, and both predominately featured in Wayne’s World. Is this a coincidence, or could it be a hint to a Wayne and Garth cameo? Probably a coincidence because obviously and because Wayne and Garth would not fit in the dark, humorless, DC murderverse. But that might be fun, like the time Batman and Robin helped Scooby Doo solve a mystery. The real question here is: were Batman and Robin so hard up they needed the help from Mystery Inc, or were all the real crimes in Gotham solved so the dynamic duo could take the time for the usual Scooby gang bullshit? What the hell am I even talking about any more? To hell with it. Enjoy your Friday. Party on.

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Happy Friday: Shot In the Dark


Kimmy Schmidt, among other people, thinks it’s weird that it’s called “Mario Brothers,” essentially making them Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. In a world with a Princess Peach, a short dude wearing a mushroom cap calling himself Toadstool, walking mushroom monsters, some kind of turtle-duck hybrid things that shouldn’t be, plants that shoot fire, and an anthropomorphic turtle-dragon running a land full of castles, I hardly think the name Mario Mario is the weirdest thing going on. No real point to this. Just wanted everyone to think about how weird that entire world is and how we never give it a second thought. It’s a good life philosophy: don’t question the obstacles, just chase the goal. Today’s goal is to read internet articles. Don’t let work obstacles get in the way.

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Happy Friday: Nowheresville


This week I learned Johnny Ramone, being the conservative member of the Ramones, earned the nickname the Klan from Joey Ramone. And the song, “The KKK Took My Baby Away,” is about Johnny stealing Joey’s girlfriend. I rather enjoyed this story, it’s very Fleetwood Mac. I have no way to actually verify its truthfulness, but I don’t care because it’s a fun story. But perhaps you prefer your Ramones less passive aggressive and more glue sniffy or sedated. Sounds like you have a weekend ahead of you. But before that, enjoy some internet. Or after. Yeah, sniff some glue then check out these links.


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Happy Friday: What A Wonderful World

Joey Ramone

Have you even been in the shower and the water was at that perfect temperature, all your cares from the day were being washed away and you thought to yourself, “Man, I totally understand Kramer’s desire to live in his shower.”? No? Yeah, me neither, except almost always. I’d be in there right now if I could. But I have responsibilities, I mean not many, and they’re of low importance, but I have them. For instance, bringing forth a collection of links to help others whittle away the morning. So here you go, and may your Friday be as delightful as a shower.

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Happy Friday: Overpowered by Funk

She probably doesn't need a helmet.
She probably doesn’t need a helmet.

When you have a tribute band it’s important to have a clever name like Bobby Knight Ranger. It also helps if you incorporate the name of a song, like the all-female AC/DC cover band, Hells Belles. So I’ve spent time thinking about both which bands I would honor with a tribute band, and what I would call said tribute band. I amused myself with a Clash tribute band I would call The Clash City Mockers. I was a little too proud of myself at the time when I thought of that. I could probably do better. After I check out some Friday links I’ll attempt other names. Also, I’d like to hear what band you would cover and what your tribute band name would be.

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Happy Friday: Check the Rhime

Mad About Friends

There’s an episode of Friends where Helen Hunt and Leila Kenzle show up at Central Perk as their characters from Mad About You and mistake Phoebe for Ursula who exists in the Mad About You world. Assuming one twin is the other I have no problem with. What bothers me is they try to order from Phoebe/Ursula. Instead of thinking that Ursula could just be enjoying a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, they quickly assume she works there. Why? There’s nothing to indicate she’s working there. They just know she works at that other restaurant so they assume she works at this place too. They operate under the notion that anyone who waitresses never goes anywhere to eat or drink. This is akin to when children believe their teachers live at the school. This scene has always bothered me for this reason. A rare misstep for normally strong writing team. But it’s Friday which means time for links and no time to worry about how Mad About You sucks.

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Happy Friday: The Irish Rover

Time out while we sweep all these clovers off the court.
Time out while we sweep all these clovers off the court.

I used to have these basketball shorts that were a baby blue color. I was wearing them around the hotel room in Vegas with Jon after a night of drinking and he asked if they were University of North Carolina shorts. In a raspy, groggy voice I said the only thing my dehydrated mind could muster, “Go Tar Heels.” Much to Jon’s delight. I have no affiliation or any real reason for liking UNC, but this was a wonderful moment and memory, so every year around this time I can’t help but root for them. I pick them to win it in every bracket I don’t fill out. So let the madness begin, or whatever. Go basketball? I don’t care.

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Happy Friday: Push It To the Limit

Probably the costume I would use
Probably the costume I would use

I often think about having super powers. I think for the most part I would use such a gift for good. Maybe not at first, but eventually. I say for the most part because I am almost certain if I had big retractable claws like Wolverine I would often find myself just slashing the faces of people who super annoy me. I would have lost my job several times over because of how many of those faces would have felt my wrath. I know I would not be able to control myself. But if we’re being honest, my clumsy dumbass would have sliced my own face off immediately. I’m not the type of person who should be endowed with such responsibilities as super powers. I’m barely fit to handle the responsibility of running a blog. Speaking of which, here are your Friday links.

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Happy Friday: Everywhere You Look


Like many people my age, the week was spent getting reacquainted with old, familiar friends, just around the bend. Yes, I went maximum effort Gibbler Style and watched Fuller House. And have had at least 5 different conversations with Jon and Jamie about the show. Oh. My. Lanta. The first episode was rough, but after that I really started to enjoy it. I hate myself a little for that, but whatever, there are worse things. Like all the weekdays that aren’t Friday. But luckily we got past all those and found the light waiting to carry us home. Ok, I’ll cut. It. Out. And get to the links.

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Happy Friday: Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Doin' the Friday happy dance
Doin’ the Friday happy dance

“From city to city, coast II coast, Friday night is the night they like to party the most (all night, y’all.)” While these immortal words from Tha Alkaholiks may be true in your twenties, it’s hardly the case when you’re 33 and all your friends have kids. But it is still Friday, and we still want to have fun. So we will party in a more responsible and reasonable adult way: by wasting company time looking at unrelated web links. Crazy, I know. But Lodi Dodi, we likes to party. I’m sorry, I have been listening to hip-hop almost exclusively this week. So, here we go, yo; here we go, yo. What’s the, what’s the, what’s the scenario?


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