Happy Friday: Overpowered by Funk

She probably doesn't need a helmet.
She probably doesn’t need a helmet.

When you have a tribute band it’s important to have a clever name like Bobby Knight Ranger. It also helps if you incorporate the name of a song, like the all-female AC/DC cover band, Hells Belles. So I’ve spent time thinking about both which bands I would honor with a tribute band, and what I would call said tribute band. I amused myself with a Clash tribute band I would call The Clash City Mockers. I was a little too proud of myself at the time when I thought of that. I could probably do better. After I check out some Friday links I’ll attempt other names. Also, I’d like to hear what band you would cover and what your tribute band name would be.


Adam Cayton Holland is a funny man who will occasionally steal a joke from a 14-year-old girl. It happened, get over it. It’s her own fault for not going on stage in a real comedy club and letting the performance get on YouTube, like 10-year-old girl, Saffron Herndon. Sure there are several bits that don’t work, and she doesn’t end with the strongest joke, but she does have some pretty good ones, and an incredible stage presence for a 10-year-old. If she keeps working at it, then she’ll be slaying with the best of them.


I was one of the many people who saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last weekend. I liked it, for the most part. I engaged with my fellow nerds over the hits and misses of it. There’s a definite split about the darkness and vengefulness of Batman. I like and approve of a darker Dark Knight. But I really enjoyed this breakdown, especially how the author refers to it all as Zack Snyder’s DC Murderverse, the most accurate description I have read. But for all the shortfalls, the movie does absolutely right by Wonder Woman and I look forward to both her movie and the Justice League movie. I should disclose that I am one who was never much of a fan of DC comics and their characters. So let that information inform how you process my review. Oh, and because everyone is such a baby these days, there are SPOILERS galore in the article linked above. Sheesh, I tell one person Superman dies and suddenly I’m the asshole.


My all-female (I’ll figure out the logistics later) Ramones tribute band would be called Sheena, Judy, and Jackie. No surfboards and discotheque Au Go Go for us, the punks and runts. Do you realize it has been 40 years since the Ramones released their first album? Time sure flies when you’re pogoing in the back, beating on the brat, or sniffing some glue. But since I love oral histories, punk rock, and oral histories about punk rock, here’s a bunch of people involved with the record (unfortunately not any of the original Ramones) talking about the album. Why is there no clip of Luciano Pavarotti singing “Blitzkrieg Bop?” That’s such a tease.


There’s a little “Save Post” option on Facebook posts. I have clicked it often and like 95% of those are for Tasty videos. The idea is that I will one day make the recipe they have shown. While I have made a few, this is ultimately hopefully thinking. Even when the recipes clearly involve food items I find disgusting I still watch those mesmerizing videos. There’s a real good chance you do too. Tasty is blowing up the Facebooks. And here’s why. Or if you ask The Descendents they will say it’s because most people think like this: I like food, food tastes good.


Many people will argue that metal heads are degenerates that can’t teach you anything. That’s just not true. Take this fine gentleman for instance, he taught me there is a different, second verse to “I’m a Little Teapot.” He does this while completely annihilating the song on drums. “Moby Dick,” and “YYZ” be damned, this is how drum.


Here’s a video of a vinyl record being made. The first release from Wheezer, my folk Weezer cover band, will be available on vinyl in the near future, ok the future, ok never. I like videos like these because they always remind me of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and specifically when he took the audience to see how a postage stamp was made. The stamp had a picture of that “LOVE” statue in Philly. It reminds me of a simpler time. That was a smart show.


I have fallen short of any good word play for an Eminem tribute act. I dunno, Skittles? Eminem with Peanuts, which is a dude dressed like Charlie Brown rapping Eminem songs. So basically Eminem in a yellow shirt with that crooked black stripe. The opening act is the Blue-Tang Clan, an emo tribute to the Wu-Tang. I got off track, here’s some dude rapping Eminem’s “Without Me” in Klingon. While we’re on Eminem fan-made videos, I am in love with this chick busting out “Rap God,” especially when the lyrics are coming at super-sonic speed.


“The thing that’s so attractive about Thrasher is that it’s so dumb,” he said – which is perfect, because skateboarding is, too. “You roll around, fall down, hurt yourself, get back up, do it again. They don’t fuck with that.” I used to skateboard, and I remember there being 3 major skate magazines: Big Brother which was clearly a joke; Transworld which focused as much on snowboarding as it did on skating; and Thrasher which was thee skate mag. Thrasher introduced me to the punk band The Swingin Utters. Other than that the only thing I specifically recall from the magazine was this skater who got a black out tattoo on his whole arm save one heart-shaped, untouched, flesh area. This was 20 years before the current black out tattoo trend. I haven’t so much as picked up a Thrasher in at least a decade, but I really enjoyed this piece about the man in charge. Even if the dude made me feel like a pussy for giving up skating after one measly broken ankle. Whatever, you do some middle school time on crutches and see if you ever want to do the thing that forced those crutches under your arms. YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE!


A pot loving, ska-punk, jam band of little people: Sublime with Gnome.

When you're high af, this looks good
When you’re high af, this looks good

That Sublime with Gnome joke is so stupid but I can’t stop laughing at it.


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