Happy Friday: Push It To the Limit

Probably the costume I would use
Probably the costume I would use

I often think about having super powers. I think for the most part I would use such a gift for good. Maybe not at first, but eventually. I say for the most part because I am almost certain if I had big retractable claws like Wolverine I would often find myself just slashing the faces of people who super annoy me. I would have lost my job several times over because of how many of those faces would have felt my wrath. I know I would not be able to control myself. But if we’re being honest, my clumsy dumbass would have sliced my own face off immediately. I’m not the type of person who should be endowed with such responsibilities as super powers. I’m barely fit to handle the responsibility of running a blog. Speaking of which, here are your Friday links.


Here in Denver we often turn to the periodical known as Westword for all the to-do around town. Before a reliable internet, I used the magazine exclusively for staying up to date on bands playing in Denver. As I aged I realized there was a lot more information available in the Westword. I also learned they had what many would consider quite the prestigious award. That would be the “Westword Best Of Denver.” It’s a pretty big deal. There are some establishments that still keep their award certificate from years past mounted on the wall. This year my pal Jon, or more specifically his podcast, Jon of All Trades, has made it into the top 5 finalist for best podcast. And deservedly so as his podcast is unique, insightful, and humorous. But now it is the hands of the public. It is up to us to vote and get him the title of Best Denver Podcast 2016. Just click this link, scroll on down and vote for Jon of All Trades. You don’t even have to vote for anything else. Though I would encourage a couple votes for Steuben’s as they are tasty and I have a friend slaying it there too.

I suppose now is where you’ll make the argument you don’t live in Denver. Fine, don’t vote on the food and sports stuff. But here’s the thing about podcasts, you can listen to them anywhere. Ok, maybe not North Korea or other such oppressive lands. But anywhere else. Ok, fine! Probably not on Mars either. Cool your pits! Anywhere else on earth! Don’t believe me? Just go here and have a listen to any of the episodes. Listen to multiple episodes. They’re great while you’re working, or driving home from work, or doing housework. And at some point between episodes go vote the podcast.

Last thing I want to say about this: Congrats, Jon. This is awesome!


Despite not owning a home, and being mostly useless with power tools, or any tools (I direct you back to the opening paragraph) every week I watch This Old House. I feel like I’m learning things. Things I will never actually put into use, but still learning. But something I have learned that I will definitely use: shingling a roof is a task I never want to do. It seems tedious and I don’t like heights. But mostly the show is mesmerizing and I’m oddly calmed by watching most of the things get done. Which is probably why I got a little too excited for this video of competitive bricklaying. Now I just need the professional bricklayer episode of Jon of All Trades and I’ll be set.


Conan O’Brien used to write for The Simpsons and wrote the Monorail episode. You have to mention the Monorail episode anytime you’re going to talk about Conan O’Brien. I’m basing that on everything I have read about O’Brien and how they all seem to make it a point to mention that one episode specifically. I’m certain there are 5-year-old kids in Cameroon who know that O’Brien wrote the god damned Monorail episode. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Monorail episode, but how many times do we have share this non-new fact that Conan O’Brien wrote it? I don’t remember my original point. But here’s an article about Conan O’Brien.


There are plenty of stories of comedians having their jokes stolen. Or rappers getting their rhymes bitten (bam, street cred…and it’s gone). Basically plagiarism runs rampant in the arts. Even reaching as far as the cut-throat world of crossword puzzle creation. That came off a bit sarcastic, I actually think it’s pretty fucked up. I can’t say I’ve actually attempted to create a crossword, but it does seem like it takes quite a bit of skill and definitely some time. Maybe you’re saying it’s just a game, and who would actually notice? Trivial Pursuit is just a game and they were involved in a giant plagiarism battle. And yeah, the dude stealing puzzle themes had been doing it since last century. It took a new database to expose the thief. I’m still just in awe of the notion of crossword editor superstars. I’m just picturing them with a bunch of elderly groupies.


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is out soon. I remember the initial announcement of Ben Affleck as the new Bruce Wayne slash Batman. There was much chatter about if he was a good choice or not (mostly not, at the time). Batman leaves big shoes (bat boots?) to fill, as do most iconic super heroes. But what about the person who has to fill the shoes of the Most Interesting Man in the World? We’re going to need someone to remind us to stay thirsty now that the Most Interesting Man in the World has left to be the Most Interesting Man on Mars. Dos Equis already has plans in motion. But that’s a tough act to follow. Just look at all the things Jesus had to do to step out of his dad’s shadow.


I’m Ron Burgandy?

This tattoo smells of rich mahogany
This tattoo smells of rich mahogany

Stay classy, Denver.


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