Happy Friday: Moonage Daydream


On Sunday night I thought, “Is the wrestling pay-per-view tonight, or next Sunday? I should look that up.” Then I don’t know if I saw something shiny or started thinking about squirrels or what, but I immediately forgot all about the pay-per-view until I was on Facebook hours later and saw results. This is just one example of the brain lapses, poor sleep, and over all weirdness I’ve felt this week. I don’t know if it’s part of the curse of the summer solstice (I’m not even sure that’s a thing), effects from the strawberry moon, or just an off week because sometimes those happen. It’s in the past now, and I’m going to spend the weekend in the sun (with plenty of sunscreen) in hopes of resetting my brain. Or frying the damn thing, but that’ll be next week’s problem. Before that, let’s get to The Essentials: Manic Monday. Dammit, I mean Happy Friday.


The Cleveland Cavaliers are the 2015-16 NBA Champions. Congrats, or whatever. I don’t really care. I did watch bits and pieces of that game, including the last 5 minutes. Which I mostly did because I forgot about wrestling. It seemed like one hell of a game, but I don’t know basketball from Shinola. Maybe it was shit. But I’m a fan of championship games that end with such a close score. I also liked the sea of yellow adorning the Oakland crowd. It’s not an uncommon thing to see the home crowd decked out in matching shirts they just got for free. Because it’s free stuff, you probably never thought about how such a thing got started or picked up steam. Apparently it’s more than just, “Let’s try giving away shirts. Oh that’s working, let’s keep doing that.”


Let’s talk pot, man. First of all, it’s not for me. It just makes me super tired, lethargic, and even more lazy than I already am. But like most things, weed affects everyone differently, and we’re starting to see that more in media. The real question is are we seeing this rise because we are seeing more people smoking and as such the number of productive stoners would naturally increase? Or because of more viewing options with less regulation means shows don’t have to show pot smokers as shitty people? Don’t get me wrong, a bunch them are shitty people, but you’ll find that with any group. But if it means we get more people like Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer and fewer Cheech and Chongs, then I say we’re on the right track.

We’re still gonna talk about weed, man. Pot is legal here in my home state of Colorado, everyone knows this. While the law states it’s legal to smoke in the property you own, that hasn’t stopped people from smoking basically everywhere, and law enforcement just sort of looks the other way. Not to get too political, but I’m ok with that. Let’s not waste such resources on weed. However, it’s still pretty illegal in most other states, including the ones that like to host large music festivals such as Coachella or Bonnaroo. Which makes for pretty good business for the defense lawyers in such areas. Sounds more like a case from Franklin and Bash.


Speaking of being high, Quebec was denied an NHL expansion team while Las Vegas was awarded one. Let’s not put a team in the cold north but rather a hot ass desert. Ok, fine. The argument about conference imbalance makes sense. And maybe the weak Canadian dollar thing, I don’t really know world economics. The difficulty of bringing two teams in at the same time, however, seems like a grasping at straws argument. Or maybe it’s totally legit. I honestly don’t remember how things went down when the Blue Jackets and Wild came into the league at the same time. I’m probably just angry about this affecting the Avs vs Kings annual Vegas pre-season game. I know it’s a game that doesn’t matter at all, but it was always a fun way to end pre-season. Oh well. Welcome to the NHL, Las Vegas Black Knights* (*not officially the team name).


My last couple of posts were littered with comic con stuff and you’re probably annoyed by it and don’t want to hear any more. I get it, I hear ya, but I want to promote this comic from a dude I met, Chris Prunckle. He was super nice and we spent some time talking about music. He does a six panel web comic reviewing albums. That’s right up my alley. It’s similar to my Essentials posts, but with drawings and a vocabulary better equipped to review music. He also made a Facebook post stating I was the highlight of his Denver Comic Con. So I got that going for me, which is nice.


I’ve been doing the fun job-search thing. Right before I started someone mentioned LinkedIn. Which I said oh yeah, I have an account. Unfortunately it was connected to the email from the job that just laid me off. So I forgot about it and went about my search. Then I remembered to make a new one, but have mostly ignored it. Why? Because it’s not flashy. It’s not even mildly appealing. It has taken great strides to be banal. Such banality is usually a target for weirdness, but it can’t seem to attract that either. It’s rather amazing in its non-amazingness. Also, still looking for a job if you know of anything.


A couple of weeks ago I linked to an oral history of Comedy Central that ended its title with “(Part 1).” I never saw a (Part 2) posted in a timely manner so I assumed it was like History of the World, Part I. Why wouldn’t an article about a comedy channel pay such an homage to a classic comedy movie? The end of part 1 also said there would be another installment. I just missed it. Probably thinking about squirrels or cereal again. Paying attention is hard work. Anyway, here’s part 2, and there will be a final part at some point in the future.


It is officially summer, and it is going to be a hot one. One of my favorite ways to cool down is with a Slurpee or Icee or ice cream. And because I’m basically twelve, I get super excited and consume it too damn fast. I think we all know what happens at that point. The dreaded brain freeze. An annoying phenomenon. Some, I guess we’ll say amateur, scientists have performed some interesting experiments to study more about brain freezes. Not to sound like those shitty click bait articles, but what they found will amaze you. It might just be my favorite thing this week.


He’s gonna die like Pizza The Hutt.

my god im delicious

Have a delicious weekend, everybody!

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