Sing a Song


I was only casually watching the Oscars. I can tell you there were some great moments. Leo finally winning and Lady Gaga’s powerful performance to name a few. But I think my favorite moment came from the acceptance speech of Inside Out director Pete Docter. “There are days you’re gonna feel sad…that’s nothing you can choose, but you can make stuff. Make films. Draw. Write. It’ll make a world of difference.”

I absolutely love this.

I have often used this site to promote those who create. From writers, to filmmakers, to photographers, to musicians, to podcast…ers? They’re my friends and my peers. They make me want to create more. I want to be like them. To be part of the group creating things to help entertain, distract, or just help kill time. It’s an unspoken brotherhood (sisterhood?) family of artists. And it’s great to be a part of it. Even if I write or draw something no one will ever see, just to know that I am part of that group is a wonderful feeling.

I write when I am happy to remember the things that make me feel that way. I write when I am sad to work out the emotions. I write when I’m angry to vent and be less angry. If I’m feeling stuck with writing, I draw or doodle. Making stuff always allows me to unleash whatever is inside. It takes my emotions from unheard to heard. It’s so simple, but the benefits are incredibly complex and amazing.

I would encourage everyone to find a creative outlet. If you think you can’t write, or draw, or make music, or whatever, find something. Try knitting, or cooking, or building a snowman. Try anything, everything. You can find something. Art is all around. Just “make stuff.”

We’ll all be better for it.


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