Happy Friday # 1.7: Looking For Trouble

They see me rollin' They hatin'
They see me rollin’
They hatin’

Here are a few things I have been thinking about this week. What did Lorraine McFly, think when she first saw a Calvin Klein ad? Why is the company that makes my fan called “Toastmaster?” It seems like it’s doing the opposite of toasting. Do webpages stop existing when we don’t visit them? Like a tree falling in the forest, or if the light bulb turns off when the fridge door closes, the world may never know. So you can either go ask Mr. Owl, or just look at these links and know they do exist in the moment we want them to.


First order of business is some shameless self-promotion. You may recall me mentioning how I joined the Nebulus Visions team for the 48 Hour Film Project. We made a movie called Catastrophe! Some of you came to the premiere (thanks!). Most of you did not (for shame). Well, you have another chance as we have been selected to the Best Of Screening! That’s right, this little film we absolutely love has been shown the same admiration by people who matter. Our whole team is thrilled and we would love for you to be there. It’s Tuesday night at the Mayan and it is recommended you buy tickets in advance. That’s all I’m going to say about this, until it’s time to promote the Blu-Ray, we recorded 2 commentary tracks!


Speaking of movies. I didn’t even try with that segue, I will spend a Saturday detention writing an essay about how to make more of an effort between Happy Friday sections. Until then, I will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club. Here’s a great piece about why this movie matters, even now, 30 years later. Also, it contains two different clips from Pitch Perfect, and in my book, there’s never a bad time for a clip from Pitch Perfect.

I was going to attempt another segue to talk about another great 80’s movie, but Dalton wouldn’t allow it. If you don’t know who Dalton is you need to make room in your Friday schedule and watch Road House. Even if you did get the reference you should make room in your schedule and watch it. Well, news broke about a reboot. Normally I have nothing to say about reboots. Whether or not it’s for a great, good, or bad movie, I try not to give a shit. But this reboot is going to star Ronda Rousey, and that makes me excited. Rousey is awesome and I see this as the only acceptable way to reboot such a classic. I’m not just saying this because she can kick my ass in less time than it takes Usain Bolt to run a 100 meters.

And the last bit of movie related links: 30 years later and John Cusack still hates Better Off Dead.


The latest NFL season started last night. The cheaters and criminals played the criminals and cheaters. I enjoy sports, but what bothers me about them is most people tend to forget that they are a form of entertainment and we all need to just calm down. There has been a lot of talk, too much frankly, about all the stupid cheating The Patriots have been a part of. It doesn’t matter. So to counter this I want to turn to professional tennis great, Mardy Fish. Because it’s not football, or even one of the “big four” sports, Mardy doesn’t get the attention that many other athletes will get, which is a shame because he is talking about an important issue here, mental health. This is the conversation we should be having. Focusing on our brains, not Tom Brady’s balls.




“Men are here! We make fire! Cook meat! Then put out fire by peeing on it. No get invited back!” Many will agree that fire is the best way to cook things, and destroy evidence, but let’s focus on the cooking. As long as there has been fire and people eating, the two have gone together like lamb and tuna fish. Hundreds of thousands of years cooking with fire condensed to a thousand words, but I suppose not much has changed about the process. Some important improvements (yes improvements on fires) were made in the 50’s and now I’m hungry. So read on then let’s fire up the Weber!


I actually read this next article while waiting in line. I like things that are meta. As it turns out, the “first come, first serve” model might not be the best option for reducing time spent in lines. However, it seems to be the best model for reducing chaos. Isn’t that how it always goes? It’s either long lines or utter chaos. We can never have nice things!


Several months ago we planned a trip to Chicago. The invite was sent to a dozen people, only four of us went. We had a blast! Four people, that’s three more than who showed up in Chicago to party with this guy. Due to a flight cancellation, he was left alone at a bachelor party. He made the best of it and created this awesome photo journal. Two quick notes on these pictures. First, at the Bean, how was he able to get that shot completely barren of people? Not only are his buddies absent, but there isn’t a soul to be found. Considering that’s a huge tourist destination that is an impressive shot. Second, he appears to have gotten a sandwich from Portillo’s. We went to Portillo’s on our trip and it was my favorite meal, not just on the trip, but probably for the whole month of May. It is delicious and I cannot understand the sad face he has while there. Overall, a weekend alone in Chicago doesn’t sound that bad to me.


This past weekend was Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. The kids go back to school, we pack up the lawn toys, and the ice cream trucks silence their jaunty melodies. But in Salem, Oregon the end of summer means the operators of such trucks of ice cream can work on strategies to reign supreme next summer. Yes, in Salem, ice cream truckery isn’t just a delightful treat, but a full-blown turf war. Unfortunately, there is no Cyrus attempting to unite the trucks in hopes of outnumbering the real enemy: urban gardeners.


This week’s tattoo falls more into the “What the what?” category.

What the fork am I looking at?
What the fork am I looking at?

It makes me laugh.

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