That’s Life

“Life is weird.” I’ve been hearing this quite a bit lately, mostly in my own head, but from a few other places too. But is life weird, really?

We determine something is weird when it doesn’t fit our idea of normal. So this is saying we have a notion of what a normal life is. We’re all on this journey and learning it as we go, but often try to compare it to some unapproved ideal of what it’s supposed to be. And that doesn’t help anyone.

I recently had to take a second job and have gone back to retail. I thought my life took a weird turn that sent me back to what I used to consider the hell of my life. But as I thought about it more, was it really a weird turn? It seems more odd that I took a job in the oil and gas industry and spent so long there. I mean odd that I ended up there, nice pay and benefits doesn’t make the staying there seem like an odd choice.

Maybe we think life is weird because we were constantly asked about what we wanted to be when we grow up, and create these expectations and hopes for our futures. And when we inevitably stray, even so slightly, from such expectations we consider things weird. After all, what we know about our lives is what we have experienced and what we hope for. To encounter something that doesn’t come from those two places we can’t help but to feel like we’re onto something weird.

So this is what life is right now. I’m 34, working two jobs, neither of which I expected to be doing. It’s not weird. It’s not normal. It’s life.

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