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With Deadpool being released this weekend, and because I just heard Stan Lee will be at Denver Comic Con, I wanted to do a whole week dedicated to one of my favorite things: super heroes. From comics, to toys, to the big screen this week The Unheard is all about clobbering time! So up, up, and away!

DC Comics Sausage Fest '16
DC Comics Sausage Fest ’16

My friend, Stephen, posted the above picture (which is a shirt I’ve seen for sale at Target) along with a comment pointing out how lame ass Aqua Man is on this shirt, yet Wonder Woman is absent. To expand this further, there are a bunch of dudes on here I couldn’t name, granted my knowledge of the DC universe is far less than my Marvel knowledge, and not a single female hero. It’s sad and unfortunately all too common place in the world of comics, as well as many other areas, but this comics week.

I don’t want to just harp on all the missteps because there are some great titles feature female characters right now. But for every Spider Gwen and Jessica Jones there’s a t-shirt missing one of the most iconic heroes, or a toy set completely negating the awesomeness of Black Widow.

I don’t understand what could possibly be gained from omitting Wonder Woman from that shirt? Are there really enough people who wouldn’t buy that shirt because Wonder Woman was on it? At one point someone said forget Wonder Woman, this shirt will fly off the racks if we include that generic looking security guard next to Robin. That’s the character all the kids want.

It’s a shirt, what’s the big deal? Well, for one women are awesome and should be better represented in all aspects. Two: everyday, women are gaining more and are closer to being fully seen as equal to men, and we’ll want our children, the future adults, to be on the right side of history. I want my friend’s daughters to have strong super hero role models. I want characters like Wonder Woman and Jean Grey to be idolized like Aurora and Anna. I also want more women interested in comics so that they go on to draw and write comics.

Females are going to have many experiences I, and most men, will never have. This means they can write comic book stories we never imagined. As far as I’m concerned, we can never have enough different voices. Comics should not be a boy’s club.

So I encourage you all to be like Stephen and call out the bullshit when you see it. Let’s start holding the comic companies accountable. And let’s embrace strong female characters, and support women artists. The world of comics took me in when I felt like an outcast, so let’s truly make it all accepting and let women know they are welcomed as equals. And we want them on our t-shirts with Batman, Superman, and generic looking security guard man!

It was difficult to find a picture where all the ladies weren't super sexualized
It was difficult to find a picture where all the ladies weren’t super sexualized

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