Happy Friday # 1.10 The Eh Team

With B. Eh. Baracus. Eh for A is the only joke for this show.
With B. Eh. Baracus.
Eh for A is the only joke for this show.

In 2015, a collection of internet sites were sent to an inbox by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These links promptly escaped from a maximum-security email folder to the Denver underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as stories of interest. If you have time to kill… if no one else can help… and if you can click them… maybe you can read… Happy Friday.


He isn’t God and he doesn’t have Gods [sic] spirit.” The Onion is by far one of the funniest places to visit on the internet. But it can be made more hilarious when people take it as a real news source. We have all seen this happen and it’s usually pretty great. But someone had the foresight to gather all the Facebook posts of such naivety and put them in one convenient place. It is literally unbelievable how much time this week I spent on this site. And that gorilla one was my favorite.


I was at a crossroad in my life when I was in Chicago. I found myself one day on the El train reading an ad for Second City improv classes (if that wasn’t Chicago enough I was also complaining about the Cubs and arguing deep dish pizza is better than New York style). I started thinking improv is something I could do, something that could maybe lead me somewhere. A few months later I’m signing up with my best friend for classes at the Bovine Metropolis Theater in Denver. It was a great choice and it’s a great theater. When I finish I will be telling everyone I went to Bovine University. One of things they offer is improv for corporate training and team building. Which is something that is happening across the country with other improv theaters. I would be happy to tell your more about the Bovine, but it would actually be better for you to listen to the Bovine co-founders on the Jon of All Trades podcast. Microsoft word automatically changes the word “improv” to “improve.” It’s really quite obnoxious and not an improvement.


Often in improv scenes you’ll have to tag someone out. This wouldn’t fly in a Washington state school district. That’s right, the game of tag is the latest playground fun getting the stink-eye from hippie-dippy, play gentle and fair parents that seem to exist. This is the simplest game and one nearly anyone can play, but somehow some people think we need to complicate it. I’m incredibly happy I grew up in the age I did. Also this will never fly because you can’t triple stamp a double stamp.


National Coffee day was sometime this week. As an avid coffee avoider I missed it. Again. I realize that to many people I am a weirdo, or this is one of the many ways in which I’m a weirdo. I’m not totally against it, after all the caffeine squeezed from the beans to make decaf is sold to soda companies, and I do love my caffeinated sodas. Oh and here’s some more facts about coffee and the answer to Janeane Garofalo’s inquiry about how they get the caffeine out of decaf anyway, and where it goes, aside from soda companies. Ah, the internet. Answering stupid sitcom jokes since 1998.


There are many, many people who are much, much smarter than I am (much smarter). Every so often one of these much smarter people will do something extremely cool to really impress us simpletons. It never hurts to use an electron microscope either. I love it when art and science come together. I also like to imagine those extreme audiophiles losing their shit as this guy destroys a record.


I sometimes think I could change things and become one of those much smarter people, but then I get distracted by cartoons, especially ones that reward you for paying attention. Since The Simpsons started changing Bart’s chalkboards and how the family sits on the couch during the opening, many cartoons have followed suit. Now maybe it’s just because I love Bob’s Burgers so much, or because I get a kick out of puns, but my favorite changing gag in an opening are the businesses that come and go next to Bob’s Burgers and the exterminators who come to help the Belcher clan. In case you missed them because you’re too good for cartoons, here they all are in one gif.

If you are too good for cartoons, then you, my friend, are not my friend, but also you’re missing out on a fairly progressive show. Most of which comes through song, but still it’s great to see a show, especially a cartoon, be so sex-positive. That was a new term to me, but I understand and I fully see exactly what they mean. I never thought much of it. I guess it’s like God said in Futurama, “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”


A cereal café in London was doused in paint during protest. I had no idea cereal cafés were a thing. Are there more? If so where are there? I love cereal as much as I love cartoons. I’ll side with the protesters that the prices are a bit ludicrous, but I love the notion of a cereal café. If there was one nearby I would become the Norm Peterson of the place. You guys can have your Starbucks with their Frappuccinos and pumpkin spice lattes. I’ll be at the cereal café with their Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Count Chocula. I honestly have no idea what the rest of this article was actually about. I read cereal café and went into an elaborate day dream.


Let’s get your tattoo because I need to find some cereal now. I got an itch that must be scratched.

So bright, and sugary.
So bright, and sugary.

This guy’s coming with me.

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