All The Small Things

Today is the official national day of thanks. What a great day. Spend time with loved ones, eat a bunch of great food, and take time to appreciate all we are lucky enough to have. Being grateful is one of the best feelings I experience. But you probably picked up on that.

I have been living my life of gratitude for nearly 4 months now. Which doesn’t seem that long, but it’s something like 120 days, and 360 good things listed. Here’s how I have grown from this: I don’t remember my last bad day. Surely there have had to been a few in there, but I picked up on the better parts of those days and didn’t dwell on the shit. Now the bad days only exist in a small window, and that’s pretty great.

When I feel things like anger and sadness I become aware of those feelings and ask myself why I’m feeling that way, when do I need to change it (it’s ok and necessary to feel sad or angry), and how can I change it (it’s not ok to live in those feelings). Happiness has become the default setting.

I’ve gotten to this very zen and delightful place. I feel often like a hippie, but I shower more and still believe in capitalism. But I can let things go and know that love is pretty much the greatest.

The best part of what I have been doing is when someone tells me they are inspired by my daily lists. Or that reading them makes them happy. All I have ever wanted from my life was to bring joy and happiness to others. I know I have done this before posting my 3 good things, but now I know it’s happening daily. And I have always believed happiness begets happiness and I’m doing my small part to make things better.

Life is too short to let it be filled with the negative bullshit we think it’s supposed to be. Why waste time not enjoying as much as you can? And why not be happy with all the things that come your way? Life’s pretty rad, and you can always find the good stuff when you’re open to seeing it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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