Goodbye Horses

We make money by encouraging to spend money

Advertisements are very much a part of our culture, part of the deal of capitalism’s free market. I’m not here to complain there are too many nor am I upset at the growing number of places they are invading. In fact I am intrigued by advertising and enjoy the concept and notion of it. But I am in the minority, and that’s not what I want to talk about right now. Even though I like advertising, as with anything, there are definitely commercials I absolutely despise. I’m here to talk about one of those: State Farm’s “State of Unrest.”

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Look What Happened


This past Friday Keith and I received a text from Jon asking us to list, in order, our top 3 Less Than Jake albums. Because my mind just constantly makes lists like this I wasted no time answering with Anthem, Borders and Boundaries, and GNV FLA. Keith’s answers were Hello Rockview, Anthem, and GNV FLA. Jon was struggling with his answer, which I think is why he asked, but eventually came up with Hello Rockview, Borders and Boundaries, and Anthem.

Jon was surprised by the lack of Hello Rockview on my list, and that both Keith and I have GNV FLA, an album “that does nothing for him.” So of course I dwelled on this all weekend long and came to some realizations.

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The Essentials: Hard Rock Bottom

Hard Rock Bottom

In “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” with impending doom, Keira Knightly’s character grabs several records before fleeing her home with the hopes of listening to them one last time. The Essentials is an ongoing series about the ten, in no particular order, albums I would grab in such a similar situation.


It was slightly more than two years ago when Tony Sly passed away. His death really got to me, more so than any other death of someone I didn’t personally know. It took me some time to really understand why.

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On The Outside

WOOOO, SPORTS! Or something, where am I?

It’s that wonderful time of the year. Autumn is just around the corner and tailgate season is underway. While football is not my favorite sport, I still like it and the CSU Rams have been great to watch the past few years. This also affords me the opportunity to hang out with some friends I don’t get to see as often as I would like because things like life happens. But every other Saturday for 3 months I have a standing obligation with some decent dudes and darling dames.

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Goody Two Shoes


I always thought I would quit drinking when I was much older and on the verge of complete liver failure, or in order to save a rocky marriage, or I was dead. Turns out it would happen when I’m 31 and having only slight liver issues. I don’t know where this will lead me, but hopefully it’s not full retirement from booze, but more of a small break, like a vacation or sabbatical. Yes, like a drinking sabbatical, wait I think that’s the opposite of what’s happening.

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Blinded By Science


One of the main reasons I chose to study psychology was because I was incredibly fascinated by where thoughts come from. I’ve been a semi-professional writer for several years and there is always that sense of what am I going to write. Sometimes articles have to be forced, other times it is easy to focus on current life events, and other times unexpected inspiration shows up. It’s this unexpected inspiration that I like looking into and trying to understand. And that brings us to something that happened last night.

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I Want a New Drug – Part II

At least it's not a suppository

When you’re a child your concept of time is all sorts of wacky, so you have no idea what eight weeks means. When you’re an adult you have a better idea. And when you’re an adult who is having medical problems and you have an eight week screening process to find out about a clinical trial that you hope will help you feel as close to your normal self as possible then you know exactly how long eight weeks is. Even with all that going on, or because of it all, these last eight weeks went by pretty quickly.

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